Cirrascale is a leading provider of blade-based data center infrastructure solutions

Our cost-effective, open-architecture systems approach allows customers and licensees to scale the cloud.

Vertical Cooling Technology

Cirrascale's Patented Vertical Cooling Technology (VCT) helps reduce energy costs by up to 35% by driving away hot air created by high performance components.

Open Architecture

Cirrascale uses commodity components from its trusted vendors and partners giving customers an open architecture that is adaptable, flexible and software-defined.

Density Optimized

The highest compute processing power and blade-based storage capacity per square foot by handling up to 192 compute nodes or 3.4PB of storage per rack.

Extreme Flexibility

Our converged systems architecture makes it easy to handle compute, storage, GPGPUs and High Performance Workstations, all in the same platform.

Hyperscale Enabled

Our technology partnerships and scale-out designs enable our customers to grow from 9 blades to 96 blades minimizing customers up front costs.

Worldwide Support

Whether you're located next to us or across the globe, you can feel confident knowing we provide worldwide support to handle any of your needs.

Our Cirrascale Data Center Platforms

Modular Blade Chassis

Cirrascale's Modular Blade Chassis (MBC) platform is an innovative adaptation of the BladeRack 2 Series platform that provides customers with the same level of reliability and flexibility but in a rackmountable form factor.

BladeRack 2 Series

The BladeRack 2 Series platforms from Cirrascale are innovative blade–based server and storage platforms built for energy efficiency and high performance.

CirraStor Storage

CirraStor Petascale Storage Appliances marry Cirrascale's breakthrough Vertical Cooling Technology with powerful partner software to deliver highly scalable, multi–tiered storage arrays for SAN, NAS and Object applications.

FOREST Container

FOREST is Cirrascale's award–winning modular, portable data center that is deployable virtually anywhere while housing up to 57.6 petabytes of storage or 2,880 servers.

Our Partners

  • Amplidata
  • CiiNOW
  • Zadara
  • Nexenta
  • Teradici
  • Piston
  • Intel
  • Gigabyte
  • AMD
  • iSeek
  • PNY

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