Customers turn to Cirrascale to develop and engineer their data center solutions

We leverage our engineering resources and award-winning intellectual property to cost optimize both custom rackmount and blade server solutions designed to maximize the performance of their applications.

We Design and Engineer For You

Cirrascale works with its customers to engineer custom rackmount and blade solutions that specifically meet their application needs.

We Deploy Solutions Worldwide

Cirrascale's professional services team can deploy your solution using our Rapid Deployment Advantage so you're up and running fast.

We Build Your Tailored Solution

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and can manufacture your custom solution in-house to ensure you get exactly what you order.

We Support You Globally 24/7

Our support partners lead the industry in customer satisfaction and provide 24/7 support worldwide for our customers with global datacenters.

HPC and supercomputing customers worldwide will benefit from Cirrascale servers using our latest GPU accelerator technologies.
Sumit Gupta
General Manager of Tesla Accelerated Computing Products
NVIDIA Corporation

Our Most Popular Products

Cirrascale GB5400

The Cirrascale GB5400 blade server has been developed to allow the ultimate experience in near-linear GPU-scaling. Customers can scale up to 8 NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU Accelerators peer-to-peer on just one PCIe root hub.

Cirrascale RM1905D ARM Development Server

The Cirrascale RM1905D is the industry's first ARM 64-bit development platform that supports two individual nodes in a single 1U rackmount server capable of housing the latest NVIDIA® Telsa® K20 GPU accelerators for HPC applications.

RM3494 HPC Microserver

The Cirrascale RM3494 Rackmount Series is a high-density microserver with up to 12 server nodes in a compact 3U chassis. It has four times the computing density of three traditional one-socket 1U servers stacked together.

RM1620D Cloud Gaming Server

The Cirrascale RM1620D rackmount server is an ideal platform for companies looking to adopt or expand their GaaS offerings while providing a dense infrastructure. The RM1620D supports the latest NVIDIA GRID® cards.

Our Partners

  • Amplidata
  • OpenPOWER
  • Intel
  • Nexenta
  • Teradici
  • Piston
  • Zadara
  • Gigabyte
  • AMD
  • Applied Micro
  • PNY

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