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Natural Language and Audio Processing

Natural Language Processing has been pinned as one of the most important technologies in recent years. The ability to detect, decipher, and understand complex language utterances is key to the advancement of the information age. Natural Language Processing applications are literally everywhere in our day to day lives since we communicate most everything in language. Whether its a simple web search, advertisement, email, language translation, or more, there is a large amount of deep learning models behind these applications. The resources required to run these models are continuing to grow and require large-scale, multi-GPU servers to handle processing. Companies are faced with trying to scale their operations for natural language processing on cloud services such as AWS or GCP only to realize that prolonged usage of these services can be prohibitively expensive.

Cirrascale Cloud Services has been using GPUs for Natural Language Processing, such as the NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 32GB GPU Accelerator, to make groundbreaking improvements across various language and audio applications. Since so much overall GPU compute power is needed, the Cirrascale Cloud Services platform is a much better choice for those companies needing dedicated, long-term cloud-based servers. You'll get charged one flat rate per month and that's it. No ingress or egress fees, no overage charges, no surprises... and we provide a level of support that goes beyond other providers.

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Graphcore Intelligence Processing Units are perfect for Natural Language Processing. Learn more about Graphcore IPU Cloud Instances and Graphcore IPU Servers.

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