How do I receive the information I need to get started?

Customers will receive a "welcome email" on the day of their scheduled start on our systems. This email contains the systems IP addresses, login username, encrypted password protected SSH private key and related information, system start and end times, and support contact information. Once you receive this email, review it to ensure that the information contained within is accurate and matches the system configuration you ordered. Any variances should be immediately addressed with your Cirrascale Account Manager.

What do I do if I have other questions related to your service?

Although we've attempted to answer most commonly asked questions here, please contact a Cirrascale Account Manager via email or phone at (858) 874-3800 or (888) 942-3800, or fill out our contact form and we'll be happy to provide you with the assistance you need.


What if I purchase a week and decide that I need more time?

You will need to call or email your Cirrascale Account Manager as soon as possible. Due to the high demand of our systems, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to continue using the services after your allotted time, or that another system will become available for you to use. We will make every effort to accommodate our customers.

I have a lot of training, validation, and test data. What are my bandwidth and data-transfer limits?

GPU as a Service systems have at least a 1Gb connection, and in most cases a 20Gb connection, to each system and multiple peering locations. While there is no absolute data-transfer limit, we ask that you consider limiting your usage to under 250GBytes per month. If you have a large amount of data that you need available on the system, please discuss this with your Cirrascale Account Manager before returning the Customer Configuration Document so we can coordinate pre-loading your data on your system. This not only saves bandwidth, it makes sure your system is ready to start doing real work as soon as you log in. In addition, Cirrascale provides GPU as a Service systems access to ImageNet ILSVRC2012 and other common training sets, along with local software repositories for commonly used packages, as part of the standard configuration.


Who do I call if I need support with my service?

Support requests are handled via email at gpusupport@cirrascale.com during regular business hours Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm Pacific Time. You may also call Cirrascale at (858) 874-3800 or (888) 942-3800 and select option (3) for support. One of our support representatives will assist you in resolving your issues. Please note that you must have you system's device number (provided in your "welcome email") available when calling in. This is how we identify what system you are calling about. We cannot guarantee that your issue will be resolved immediately. Some issues may require us to work directly with our cloud services colocation provider and may result in needing to wait until regular business hours to do so. Please note that we will make every effort to provide you the assistance you require as soon as possible.

Am I credited for any service downtime or issues that are not my problem?

Yes. Some issues may be directly caused due to an error on our side. When this is the case, we will credit the customer the appropriate time as stated in our terms and conditions. In most cases, we do everything we can to accommodate the customer and assure that they receive the time they pay for on our systems. Due to the high demand of our systems, we cannot guarantee the time credited to the customer will be immediate and may be granted at a different time.


If paying by Purchase Order, how long do I have to issue Cirrascale Cloud Services a PO?

Due to the high demand of our cloud services, you have two business days (within 48 hours) to issue a valid PO to secure your GPU as a Service system for use. Failure to produce a valid PO within this timeframe will result in the inventory being released so that other customers in the queue can begin using the system.