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With the amount of data stored doubling every two years, and the energy required to store that data exceeding 40% of data center power consumption, nearly every organization in every vertical market has a critical need for massively scalable storage solutions that are highly efficient, easy to manage and cost effective. So why do these same organizations continue to pursue and purchase outdated rackmount storage solutions that are outrageously expensive, inefficient and inflexible? At Cirrascale®, we believe it's time to Question the Status Quo!

Cirrascale CirraStor™ Petascale Storage Appliances are designed from the ground up to meet today's demanding scale out storage requirements. Leveraging Cirrascale's breakthrough Vertical Cooling Technology,™ CirraStor blade-based storage appliances deliver the highest performance, density, and flexibility with the lowest power utilization in the industry.

CirraStor appliances are designed to be configured for a broad range of storage workloads — from high-availability SAN and iSCSI solutions for public and private cloud applications to large pools of unstructured data in low cost NAS and DAS deployments. In these environments, applications and storage are converging.

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By working with industry leading software partners such as Amplidata, Nexenta, and Zadara, Cirrascale can provide customers with an open, standards-based converged compute and storage solution that meets their needs. This convergence is critical to maximizing ROI by moving the application server closer to the physical storage to minimize network bottlenecks and increase performance.

Working with these leading storage partners allows Cirrascale to offer its customers a more robust offering to tackle today's Big Data, Cloud Storage and Active Archive needs. Cirrascale's innovative approach means that our CirraStor appliances can fulfill all of an organization's storage workloads without compromise when it comes to cost-effective solutions that optimize performance, energy efficiency, capacity and total cost of ownership.

Active Archive Solutions powered by Amplidata AmpliStor

Unstructured content, accessed as objects with potentially large amounts of unique meta-data, is common for hosted or cloud based applications. Additionally, it continues to be one of the largest sectors of storage growth. A massively scalable active archive appliance, utilizing Amplidata's AmpliStor Software, can provide such an interface for enterprise applications to store their data reliably and with greatly reduced overhead compared to traditional SAN or NAS systems. By using erasure coding, rather than data replication, AmpliStor can survive large numbers of simultaneous disk failures, without risk of permanent data loss. Cirrascale and Amplidata have worked together to provide a better solution for Active Archive installations. Data can now be accessible anytime, even if it is distributed across multiple disk drives, servers, or data centers.

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Enterprise Petascale Appliance powered by Nexenta

Nexenta's NexentaStor is a fully featured NAS/SAN software platform that brings Software Defined Storage to commodity hardware. Cirrascale leverages that technology to provide a high performance NAS/SAN platform, independently scalable for greater storage capacity or fast I/O performance. This advanced platform leverages ZFS (Zettabyte File System) to yield a flexible 128- bit file system that can detect and correct data corruption in ways not possible with traditional file systems and RAID arrays. Flexible access methods are available to connect to storage pools via NFS, CIFS, WebDAV, and FTP. Additionally, traditional SAN topologies are enabled by support for iSCSI and FC. This appliance is a perfect starting point for tailoring a turnkey solution that deploys cost effective, commodity-based enterprise storage.

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SAN and NAS as a Service powered by Zadara Storage

When applications move into the cloud, their I/O requirements might not be satisfied with typical cloud storage offerings. When your online database needs particularly robust and consistent performance, you can now connect that virtual SQL server to its own Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA™). Cirrascale's partnership with Zadara™ Storage makes it possible to bring Virtual Private Storage Array SAN and NAS to cloud providers and Enterprises. Each VPSA is a highly available iSCSI and NFS storage array and is provisioned from the Zadara Storage Cloud, comprising of Cirrascale-based storage blades. It can scale as demand does, eventually reaching up to 2.7PB per rack. Working together, Cirrascale and Zadara Storage are creating one of the most robust and scalable Storage-as-a-Service solutions available for deployment in any data center.

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Piston Enterprise Openstack Cloud-in-a-Box

Cirrascale provides a great starter platform for your Cloud-in-a-box solution with 9 nodes in a rackmountable Cirrascale Modular Blade Chassis, featuring Piston Enterprise Openstack. Specifically tuned to be a balanced node offering plenty of CPU compute and dedicated drive capacity, the solution contains the Cirrascale VB1416 and provides up to 72 cores and 27TB of Virtual Machine storage. This is all tied together with an Arista Networks 10Gbase-T Ethernet switch and integrated SSD for provisioning all the nodes once they are powered up. Cirrascale allows you to scale as your cluster needs to grow. These 9 blades can migrate into a 72 slot BladeRack 2 XL for a truly dense, extremely energy-efficient, hyper-scalable Piston Cloud deployment.

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