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Enterprise Petascale SAN Appliances powered by Zadara Storage

Applications in today's data centers are demanding more and more performance. Monolith storage systems capable of serving that demand are typically $6 to $8 per GB. Hypervisor Servers are asking for more storage I/O for Virtual Machines (VMs) which means it's very possible that your storage isn't keeping up with the demand. Expensive and inflexible SANs are not the only option. There is an inexpensive yet modular storage solution that brings an enterprise SAN to your datacenter with the flexibility, convenience and savings your company desires. A storage system that can grow as needed, performs as required, and reliably secures your most critical data.

A Cirrascale deployed SAN starts with the award winning BladeRack 2 and its high density blades. When Zadara Enterprise SAN is teamed with 24 Storage Head Nodes, and 24 drives of varied performance profiles you get a 1.5PB SAN that can be tuned from 1,000 IOPS to 100,000 IOPS with a few mouse clicks.

Learn how easy it is to create the perfect storage profile with just a few components. A dual socket Intel powered Storage Head Node can be configured as bricks with various storage media. The performance profile you choose to deploy is re-configurable as needed. Here's an example building block of a SSD weighted Storage brick: 24 SSDs and 12 600GB SAS drives, 18.7TB total.

The Zadara Storage Cloud also offers tenant-dedicated and isolated resources for each VPSA, even when hosted somewhere other than an Enterprise data center. Data is encrypted, and a unified management interface can create new VPSAs and storage volumes, size them, add disks, and configure appropriate data redundancy levels. Operators of the Zadara Storage Cloud have multiple billing models available, including per hour metering. Working together, Cirrascale and Zadara Storage are creating one of the most robust and scalable Storage-as-a-Service solutions available for deployment in any data center.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Brings SAN performance and reliability to a scalable, cost-effective, and easily managed hyper-scalable platform.
  • Completely Private Dedicated Resources, Data Encryption.
  • Fully Configurable Volume Creation and Size, Disk and RAID Selection, Server Clustering Capable,Supports both NFS and iSCSI Protocols (NAS & SAN)
  • Advanced Metering and per VPSA Billing Performance Charts, Time Based Charges.
  • Fast and Highly Available Predictable Performance™, Cached Dual Controllers, RAID Data Redundancy

Supporting Documentation for Storage Appliances

Cirrascale Storage Solutions Guide

The analysts all agree... storage is growing. In fact, over the past several years, storage has seen some explosive growth, especially as it expands to the cloud. Recent reports show that by 2020, the total volume of raw data stored in the cloud will have reached 35 zettabytes. A zettabyte is 1,000 exabytes or 1,000,000 petabytes. Overall, storage is seen as continuing to grow at an annual compound growth rate of 34% in North America yearover-year. Read more about the growing storage trends by downloading our Cirrascale Storage Solutions Guide.

Download Cirrascale Storage Solutions Guide

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