Object Storage/ Active Archive and Object Storage powered by Amplidata

Petascale Active Archive and Object Storage powered by Amplidata AmpliStor

While Backup has been migrated from tape to disk, longer term data archives are still on magnetic tape systems. Tape's advantages due to low power and media cost are clear, and this is why it's the preferred archival medium of choice for critical data assets, large-scale data, and unstructured data. Once on tape, your access to it is limited and potentially delayed as it may be in offline storage rather than in a tape library. If you need access to all your data in a moment's notice, no matter how old the data, then consider how Cirrascale can bring the features of online performance, auto-management and data migration to your archival data.

Cirrascale is bringing Amplidata's Patent Pending Erasure Coding to the Award winning BladeRack 2 storage rack. Now instead of 3 copies of your data, one on Tier 1 storage, and 2 more copies on tape, you data will reside on a live archive...and on just one tier of highly efficient and reliable disk storage.

You can now have 15 9's of reliable storage Active Archive that will grow only as your data does. AmpliStor will transform the High Density BladeRack 2 storage blades into an archival storage system that can protect your data, cost a fraction of other systems, and still perform on par with traditional near line systems. It's time to leave tape behind with Cirrascale with AmpliStor from Amplidata.

Cirrascale and Amplidata can provide your organization with an efficiently cooled, incredibly dense BladeRack 2 multi-petabyte rack where you can store and quickly restore data. With an Amplidata AmpliStor solution enhanced by the BladeRack 2 architecture, you will always get what your put into it.

Product Features and Benefits

  • A perfect solution for growing into a hyper-scale active archive.
  • Online performance: AmpliStor provides instantaneous access to large unstructured data objects. The system can scale-out performance to tens of Gigabytes per second.
  • Auto-management: The system can scale to multiple petabytes by adding more storage nodes, with the system self-managing capacity, monitoring system health and self-healing failures within the system, such as disk drives or storage nodes.
  • Data migration: The system provides auto-migration capabilities to new storage nodes, with new higher disk densities. This enables very long-term archives and eliminates the problems of tape media obsolescence as well as complex data migration problems.

Supporting Documentation for Storage Appliances

Cirrascale Storage Solutions Guide

The analysts all agree... storage is growing. In fact, over the past several years, storage has seen some explosive growth, especially as it expands to the cloud. Recent reports show that by 2020, the total volume of raw data stored in the cloud will have reached 35 zettabytes. A zettabyte is 1,000 exabytes or 1,000,000 petabytes. Overall, storage is seen as continuing to grow at an annual compound growth rate of 34% in North America yearover-year. Read more about the growing storage trends by downloading our Cirrascale Storage Solutions Guide.

Download Cirrascale Storage Solutions Guide

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