Cloud Gaming Solutions/ Working with Partners to Build GaaS Solutions

Cloud Gaming Solutions: Partnering for Success

Gaming has become the fastest growing media segment and is a $68 billion industry. As technology begins to adapt and adopt, cloud-based streaming technology is taking hld in the gaming industry as GaaS or Gaming as a Service. Cloud gaming allows users to experience the latest video game titles instantly whereever and whenever they want them. Whether it's via their mobile phone, laptop, home PC, or television, cloud gaming opens up a new world of experiencing gaming like never before.

For users of the GaaS, cloud gaming doesn't involve discs, so they don't have to wait in line to get the latest games they want. It also doesn't require them to have the latest and greatest hardware or for them to download large files from a server. In fact, in most cases, playing games in the cloud is near instant for the end-user so they can start playing immediately after signing up with their service.

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NVIDIA GRID GaaS Solutions

NVIDIA GRID Card Solutions

The NVIDIA GRID™ architecture gives you everything you need to develop an ideal cloud gaming-as-a-service (GaaS) solution. As the leader in gaming graphics, NVIDIA consistently delivers the industry's most trusted technology for the smoothest, most realistic gaming experience.

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