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Cloud Gaming Appliance powered by CiiNOW

Cloud gaming is recognized as the next evolution in gaming entertainment. Making games always available, no matter which hardware device the end user selects to use, is the ultimate goal. Providing unlimited titles with exceptional visuals and game play is now possible when there is no local machine to have to manage. Imagine playing the latest game on a 60" LCD monitor the moment it comes out... no downloads, no patches, no waiting in line at the store at midnight. This method of direct game delivery to the end users is available now.

Cirrascale provides everything needed to provision a cloud gaming platform that will match your business objectives. Working with our partner CiiNOW, a leader in Cloud Gaming, we bring together a low latency, highly efficient, low-cost per game stream platform to you own network. There is no need to host a Cloud gaming infrastructure at an expensive co-location ISP where transit costs are expensive and service is limited.

This Cloud gaming service solution puts the gaming hardware within the "last mile" of the customer. Gaming on a platform only 2 or 3 network hops from their home network, these Cirrascale blades running CiiNOW's proprietary software are Intel Core i7 powered and use the latest in video card GPUs. Hard core gamers know that the best in gaming is done on PC hardware, but consoles offer easy to start, social networking between gamers and an easy to navigate portal to all the games they want. In fact, CiiNOW works with the world's leading video game publishers and indie developers to offer a robust Cloud Gaming platform featuring a wide selection of today's best content. From cutting-edge action titles, to addictive puzzle games, CiiNOW builds branded solutions for its service provider and games developer partners that consistently deliver a high quality game experience.

CiiNOW and Cirrascale are blending the best of both worlds in a Cloud Gaming appliance that can start off small and easily scale to support the largest of networks. We can bring a fully functional virtualized gaming system that can be accessed by set top boxes, PCs, Macs, Android and iOS devices, and even dedicated gaming consoles. Video game streaming via the Cloud enables service providers and game publishers to offer games instantly and efficiently to their customers. With the ever-increasing move to digital distribution and cross-platform play, CiiNOW has developed the fastest, most scalable Cloud Gaming platform in the world, and it runs on Cirrascale hardware designed to maintain flexibility and scalability to expand as your customer's demand even more. We have the ability to seamlessly power a direct-to-consumer video game streaming service for your customers that can grow new revenue streams for your business.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Better Streaming — Dynamic streaming with up to 1080p support.
  • Better Encoding — Supports both hardware and software encoding to optimize low-end and high-end gaming.
  • Better Quality — Graphics are crisp and high definition.
  • Better Virtualization — Optimized for Cirrascale hardware on a per CPU/GPU/Game basis.
  • Better Client — Lower CPU usage reduces minimum client device specifications.
  • Better Latency — Lowest end-to-end latency on the market and significantly lower than consoles.
  • Better Scalability — Units start on our 9-blade Modular Blade Chassis and can easily scale to our BladeRack 2 XM platform containing 96 blades.
  • Better Flexibility — Configurations can be adjusted to add more memory, drive space or various video cards easily.
  • Better Reliability — Cirrascale's Vertical Cooling Technology reduces the amount of power needed to cool high-end components, eliminating CPU-throttling and GPU overheating issues.

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CiiNOW Cloud Gaming Technology

Until now, Cloud Gaming innovation has been hindered by expensive, inflexible business models, and a lack of scalable technologies. By contrast, CiiNOW's turnkey gaming platform, running on Cirrascale hardware, is engineered to maximize virtualized data center environments with the goal of delivering retailers, publishers, and service providers with an extremely scalable and flexible technology that provides an immersive gaming experience available to anyone on virtually any screen, be it PC, Mac, set-top box, tablet, Smart TV or mobile device.

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