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The Service Provider industry relies on processing increasingly large volumes of information to remain competitive. The demand for streaming media, content delivery and B2B online commerce is enormous and growing rapidly. Competitive pressures limit pricing options; therefore, the need for a product that is operationally flexible and cost efficient is essential to growing profitability and shareholder value.

Cirrascale is the premier provider of high density, high performance compute and storage blades, as well as rack-optimized servers, to the Service Providing industry. We are the proven standard by which professional grade computing systems are compared to in our industry because of our leading processing density, superior power efficiency, patented Vertical Cooling Technology™ and high-end custom configurations. We provide many flexible, scalable solutions that allow your organization to tailor the latest technologies to your specific needs while cutting operational costs due to our unique advances in power and cooling. Cirrascale helps organizations in the Service Provider industry thrive in an increasingly competitive market by supplying cutting edge technology that processes the data they need in the fastest and most effective manner.

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Piston Enterprise OpenStack Cloud-in-a-Box Solution

Piston Enterprise OpenStack is a bare-metal cloud operating system for deploying and managing an infrastructure-as-a-service private cloud environment. A turnkey solution that delivers virtual servers, storage and networking through self-service interfaces, Piston Enterprise OpenStack can scale to manage tens of thousands of physical cloud nodes. Download the data sheet to learn more about this product, or contact us to get a quote.

Download Piston Enterprise Cloud-in-a-Box Data Sheet

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