IBM PowerAI Vision as a Service

Accelerate AI Vision Deployments and Increase Productivity

PowerAI Vision makes computer vision with deep learning more accessible to business users. PowerAI Vision includes an intuitive toolset that empowers subject matter experts to label, train, and deploy deep learning vision models, without coding or deep learning expertise. It includes the most popular deep learning frameworks and their dependencies, and it is built for easy and rapid deployment and increased team productivity. By combining PowerAI Vision software with accelerated IBM® Power Systems™, enterprises can rapidly deploy a fully optimized and supported platform with blazing performance.

Key Benefits of IBM PowerAI Vision Deployed on Cirrascale Cloud Services

Simple Enough for Subject Matter Experts

Interface streamlines process for domain experts to bring data and train models. Subject matter experts across industries can now build models for AI solutions with limited deep learning skills.

Increases Productivity Automating Tasks

Iteratively train deep learning models and automatically label videos to create volumes of accurate data sets for training.

Flexible — Train and Deploy Anywhere

Engage compute-intensive IBM Power Systems to train and then export the trained models and deploy them on-premise, in the cloud or on edge devices.

Adaptable — Supporting Custom Models

Import your custom models in TensorFlow so your data scientists no longer need to train, tune or deploy them.

Faster Insights and More Accuracy

IBM PowerAI Vision was designed to unleash AI performance capabilities of IBM Power Systems and leverages IBM Research performance breakthroughs.

Delivered as a Service

Deploy with confidence in the cloud, knowing the entire software-hardware stack has been tested and validated. Use it for a week, month, or longer term saving you thousands of dollars in associated TCO costs.

Start Now with a 7-Day FREE TRIAL of PowerAI Vision as a Service with Cirrascale

IBM and Cirrascale Cloud Services have partnered together to enable customers across all industries to harness the full potential of AI in their businesses. With IBM PowerAI Vision, data scientists and subject matter experts can label, train, and deploy deep learning vision models, without coding or deep learning expertise.

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