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Cirrascale FORST Container

An installation of the Cirrascale FOREST Container...and yes, the deer are real.

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Cirrascale Corporation is a premier provider of blade-based cloud computing and storage infrastructure for conventional and containerized data centers. Cirrascale leverages its patented Vertical Cooling Technology to provide the industry's most energy-efficient standards-based platforms with the lowest possible total cost of ownership in the densest form factor.

Our Mission
Cirrascale's mission is to be the technology leader in serving our customers' needs for the rapid deployment of high-quality, scalable, high performance compute and storage solutions.
What We Do
Cirrascale Corporation designs, manufactures and sells blade-based compute and storage servers, and high-density infrastructure for cloud, conventional and modular data centers. Cirrascale leverages its patented Vertical Cooling Technology™ to offer the most energy-efficient, high density, open source, standards-based platforms with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).
Who We Sell To
Cirrascale sells to large scale-out infrastructure operators, hosting, co-location, managed service providers, Cloud Service Providers, and High Performance Computing (HPC) users. Cirrascale also licenses its award winning technology to partners globally, allowing the technology to be manufactured locally in several countries.
Our Company's Values
Our corporate core values include: customer satisfaction, people, quality, speed, respect and candor, and innovation. We hold our employees, partners, and licensees to this standard to ensure those companies using our products and services receive the same level of support at each level.
Why Choose Cirrascale?
Customers choose Cirrascale because the Company works with executives and operators to understand and optimize a product solution for their specific operations. The Company's engineering and sales staff will listen and understand your specific needs and pain points and jointly develop and deploy an optimal, tailored, scalable, high-density, software-defined solution with the value propositions no one else can offer.

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