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Product Literature

The below links provide access to the detailed data sheets and other resources of Cirrascale's large selection of products and solutions.

BladeRack 2 Series Blade Server Platforms
PDFBladeRack 2 XL Platform - 585KB
PDFBladeRack 2 XM Platform - 495KB
PDFBladeRack 2 FL Platform - 590KB
PDFBladeRack 2 FM Platform - 501KB
PDFCirraStor Petascale Storage Appliance - 1.2MB

Rackmounted Blade Server Platforms
PDFModular Blade Chassis - 682KB

Peered Multi-GPU Offerings
PDFGB5400 Multi-GPU Peering (Intel Xeon E5 v2) - 774KB
PDFGB5600 Multi-GPU Peering (Intel Xeon E5 v3) - 776KB
PDFRM4600 Product Data Sheet - 473KB

Various Blade Offerings
PDFVB Series Blade Offerings - 719KB
PDFSB Series Blade Offerings - 509KB
PDFGB Series Blade Offerings - 1.8MB
PDFVB5400 with Intel Xeon Phi - 1.03MB
PDFVB1600 Series Blade Offerings - 651KB
PDFGB5400 Multi-GPU Peering (Intel Xeon E5 v2) - 774KB
PDFGB5600 Multi-GPU Peering (Intel Xeon E5 v3) - 776KB
Rackmount Servers
PDFRM1620D GRID/GPU Data Sheet - 849KB
PDFRM1622DX Slipstream Data Sheet - 717KB
PDFRM1630DX Dual-Sled Data Sheet - 557KB
PDFRM1905D HPC Dev Platform Data Sheet - 717KB
PDFRM2497 Quad-Sled Data Sheet - 860KB
PDFRM2675 Rackmount Data Sheet - 564KB
PDFRM3494 12-Sled Data Sheet - 889KB
PDFRM3699 Overclocked HFT Data Sheet - 479KB
PDFRM4493 Product Data Sheet - 888KB
PDFRM4600 Product Data Sheet - 473KB
PDFRM4950 OpenPOWER Dev Server Data Sheet - 567KB

High Performance PCoIP™ Workstations
PDFHigh Performance PCoIP Workstations - 629KB
PDFRM1630DX Product Data Sheet - 862kB

FOREST Modular Data Center
PDFFOREST MDC Data Sheet - 997KB

Partner GPU Application Guides
PDFPopular GPU-Accelerated Applications - NVIDIA - 1.75MB

White Papers
PDFScaling GPU Compute Performance - 706KB

Solutions Guides

The below links provide access to the detailed solution guides that include information regarding some of Cirrascale's converged solutions provided by accessing partner technologies.

Storage Solutions Guide
PDFCirrascale Storage Solutions Guide - 5.7MB

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