For The Love of Free (Ubuntu: Part 2)

I know it’s only been a week since the last post I wrote about Ubuntu, and my journey of discovering its OS genius… for free. :-)  But as I hinted to, I wanted to take a chance to expand a little and tell you some of the things Ubuntu has the opportunity of helping YOU with.

Ubuntu Desktop

Last week I talked pretty exclusively about Ubuntu Desktop. As I mentioned, this free OS is pretty robust, friendly, fast and has a few cool tricks up its sleeves. It’s easy to install and has a ton of features perfect for anyone looking to revive an old desktop, laptop, or even add a dual boot. With web browsing, office apps, social, email, music, photos, videos, games and more, let just say that there isn’t much lacking. It also comes with Ubuntu One (your personal cloud from Ubuntu) giving you 5GB of free cloud storage. Honestly, this suite is complete.

Ubuntu Server

For scale-out computing there’s nothing like Ubuntu Server. Granted, you don’t have to get all crazy out of the gate and start setting up the next, best Hadoop cluster known to mankind. But you see, you could. Ubuntu Server can help you deploy a NoSQL database, web farm or cloud. Like its Desktop counterpart, it is VERY versatile. Ubuntu Server embraces scale-out to the extreme and comes out of the box with tools that make deploying a complex network of services with ease. It comes with all the leading open source and commercial workloads built in, including Apache Hadoop, Inktank Ceph, 10gen MongoDB and many others. And dare I mention it again… it’s FREE. No end-user license fees at all, just pure awesomeness.

Ubuntu Phone / Ubuntu Tablet / Ubuntu TV

Yup, you read that right. The mobile industry is geared up and ready to go with Ubuntu Phone, the tablet kings are bowing to the savviness of Ubuntu Tablet, and all the screens from small to big will be loving Ubuntu TV. It’s no wonder you can see why I feel a little weird by not diving in to the Ubuntu craze earlier. I had no idea of the absolute flexibility, simplicity and ingenuity of the Ubuntu OS. Luckily, through all of my research I’ve started to notice that I’m not the only one getting excited about Ubuntu. Phone carriers, tablet manufacturers and the TV industry are looking to this revolutionary OS to provide the next generation of connected and converged devices.

It Doesn’t Stop There

There’s more… so much more. Ubuntu has management features for systems management (called Landscape). It’s true management at scale and it gives you some unique power over running large scale Ubuntu deployments. Also, Ubuntu has an OpenStack offering called Ubuntu OpenStack (clever naming). Other free software includes MAAS and Juju allowing you to provision hardware into the cloud in minutes, and setup and deploy services in minutes.

There’s only so much I can write about Ubuntu from a Marketing guy’s standpoint without it actually sounding like a Marketing guy trying to sell you something. Luckily, I don’t have to sell much because it’s FREE. Give it a try… you’ll be so glad you did.

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