Cloud Gaming…This Isn’t Your Mother’s Farming App – Part 1

We all know that most everyone likes to play PC games. Take a break; sit down to a nice session of Farmville or Call of Duty. The 1st game is for managing a little virtual farm, and the 2nd is a First Person Shooter (FPS). Is it time to water your spinach crop or find the enemy and kill them? With either game you log in, play a bit and fight the good fight. Vegetables or Death! I generally play my choice of games on a PC, a pretty nice one, not the latest, but still pretty good. The minimum requirements of games are growing. There seems to be an arms race of sorts to provide the best hardware possible to experience the games that are being released today in the highest resolution or most Frames displayed per second (FPS). This can get costly, as I recently found out when my son was complaining about his PC not being as capable as my PC. A new motherboard, CPU, RAM, case, and video card later (Happy 13th Birthday!), he seems much more satisfied, especially since his PC has now lapped mine on the never-ending racetrack of upgrades.

I could have saved a lot of money by migrating all of his game play onto the cloud. There are now multiple providers of games (not just cute gem, farm, or kitty based ones) that are being hosted in the cloud just like we have mail, compute, web, and photo, or social internet traffic. Instead of “http://” perhaps we all we start to log into “game://”. These companies, like On-live and Sony’s Gaikai are being joined by Internet Service Providers that are going to be providing Gaming as a Service (GaaS). We’ll be able to game with the hardware in the cloud and not worry about having the latest and greatest hardware at home to view the action. This type of remote desktop for office applications are fairly common in the enterprise, but now there are solutions for bringing exciting fast paced action games to your SMART TV, or old and busted laptop over your home DSL or cable wire. Imagine playing a game like CRISIS on a Chromebook that cost less than $300 and experiencing the same performance as a PC with the latest generation Intel Core i7-4770 CPU, and NVIDIA GTX 780.

Well, guess what…It’s happening now! Just as we all share the same webserver at different times of day, we are now going to be sharing the gaming servers available at our local ISP. The ISP now gets to provide gaming as well as email and internet access. It’s going to be great to play PC games on your 70” Sharp monitor and have a map of the game on your Android tablet. I can’t wait to get out of the PC upgrade marathon race.

Excited about it? Be sure to come back next week as I explain in Part 2 how all the magic happens behind the curtains.

Thank you,
Mark (Kill_Mode) Skinner

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