Gamers Becoming Dads

How does an active gamer share a common interest with their child and at the same time help them prioritize what is important? Recently, I’ve run into the problem that my son is excited to play his XBOX, XBOX ONE, PS3 and now PC games (on a PC I made […]

What’s All This ARM Stuff Going On?

First let me just say ”I love my Intel Core i7 gaming CPU”, and I couldn’t get anything done at work without my Intel-based Macbook Pro laptop. So, with that said, where is all of this buzz coming from with ARM processors lately? I can understand a low power chip […]

Cloud Gaming…This Isn’t Your Mother’s Farming App – Part 2

As we covered in the last blog post, there are a lot of gamers playing a lot of games, either on mobile devices, console devices or personal computers. Adding to that list of devices is the Internet-enabled cloud gaming service. Essentially you will be sent the game screen and your […]

Cloud Gaming…This Isn’t Your Mother’s Farming App – Part 1

We all know that most everyone likes to play PC games. Take a break; sit down to a nice session of Farmville or Call of Duty. The 1st game is for managing a little virtual farm, and the 2nd is a First Person Shooter (FPS). Is it time to water […]

Micropayments Are Here… Save Time, Use Money

I’ve noticed recently that everyone in my family seems to be tempted to use micropayments for DLC to increase the success in our favorite games.  What is the deal with that? My wife is playing Candy Crush; buy extra lives now. My son and I both are having a blast […]

Why Aren’t More Companies using PCoIP for High-End Workstations?

I recently had the opportunity to deliver a really cool evaluation demo of our High Performance Workstations to a well known movie studio famous for their animated movies. The evaluation was received so well by both the IT department and end-users (artists) that I had to wonder why more companies […]

Hey Jimmy, Santa brought you a 1978 x86 console for you!

It seems that this Christmas holiday season everyone is clamoring for the next iteration of their favorite console. This year marks a special event in consumer gaming as both of the most popular game consoles are now running on x86 CPUs/GPUs from Intel/AMD. Only the WiiU is staying with a […]