For The Love of Free (Ubuntu: Part 2)

I know it’s only been a week since the last post I wrote about Ubuntu, and my journey of discovering its OS genius… for free.  But as I hinted to, I wanted to take a chance to expand a little and tell you some of the things Ubuntu has the […]

For The Love of Free (My Ubuntu Story)

Ooo. Boon. Too. That’s how you officially pronounce what has to be the turning point in my hardcore dislike for anything that wasn’t Windows. I know, I know… how shallow minded of me. I mean, I’ve worked for a company that over the last decade has installed various Linux distributions […]

Customers, Culture, and Relationships

Over the downtime that happens around the holidays, and after fixing computer problems for relatives, I took the opportunity to relax and catch up on some reading.  One of my guilty pleasures is reading Psychology Today, and I found that an odd confluence of articles and experiences over the past […]

Why Aren’t More Companies using PCoIP for High-End Workstations?

I recently had the opportunity to deliver a really cool evaluation demo of our High Performance Workstations to a well known movie studio famous for their animated movies. The evaluation was received so well by both the IT department and end-users (artists) that I had to wonder why more companies […]